How does the Citizen Stock website work?

Citizen Stock offers Royalty Free (RF) images for licensing.

The homepage is your portal to the Citizen Stock library, and you can immediately access images through the keyword search function by clicking in the bar in the center of the screen.

After you enter a keyword (or comma separated keywords) and click on the search icon you will be taken to the selection of images based on your search criteria.

When you select a specific image you are taken to the Image page where you are presented with a larger size image, a list of the applicable keywords, the price chart for RF licensing and buttons to perform specific tasks, including Add to Cart, and Save to Lightbox. Note that each image has a unique system identifier (for example, 52096_135_H).

You have the ability at any time in the process to add an image to either your Lightbox or Cart.

We also are presenting special collections called New Smiles on our Home Page.

What is the best resolution and format for viewing the site?

The website will scale to any size window on your computer.

The entire website works best when the screen resolution is 1280 x 1024 or higher.

Am I able to download comp images?

Since Citizen Stock now only offers RF images, currently Comp images are not being offered via the website

What types of images are available on the site?

We offer RF images for Non-Exclusive licensing.

If you are interested in any type of exclusivity please contact our sales department – [email protected]

All images on the site are fully model released

All images on the site are copyright Citizen Stock

Who do I contact if I have questions concerning my account?

Please contact [email protected] and someone will assist you.


When you click on this button you will be directed to the promo page in About Us.

What are the different ways to search?

Citizen Stock has a concise and streamlined keyword search process that enables you to quickly find the images you are searching for, just type your keyword into the search bar at the top of the page and clickthe return tab on your keyboard.

How does MY CART work?

If you have not already calculated a price for RM images before putting an image in the cart you will go through the process now. RF images are placed directly in your cart when you select the file size you would like to purchase and click the add to cart icon.

Once the price is calculated you can also input any reference information (special requests, P.O. and billing information, etc.) into the reference box provided.

After agreeing to the Terms and Conditions you now have the option to Buy/Download or Request. You can also remove an image from the cart if you no longer wish to license it.

Another feature is the ability to copy the calculated usage for one image to all the images currently in your cart.

What types of payment do you accept?

For Worldwide clients, we accept most major credit cards, paid at the time of purchase via our payment portal.

How are files delivered?

When a transaction is completed and approved you will have the ability to download files immediately.

When does the Usage Period for the images begin?

The usage period for the licensed images begin on the date that the images are purchased and downloaded.

What is the cancellation policy for RF images?

All Royalty Free licenses are final; no refunds or credits will be allowed.

What should I do with the files once they have been used for the specified licensing project?

You have the right to keep the files in your possession for the term of the licensing agreement.

Are there limitations to the use of images in any way?

Paragraph 4 of the RF End User License Agreements also includes the Sensitive Use Policy. Please take a moment to review this policy so you are familiar with the different types of uses that might need prior approval.

The RF license agreement is accessible in the footer. Click on the appropriate link.